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The Faculty, the musician and the world…

Students who choose the Université de Montréal's Faculty of Music open themselves to a whole "world" of music – literally and figuratively.

At the confluence of European tradition and American avant-gardism, with a Montréal touch that contributes to its renown, our Faculty attracts and helps disseminate the talents of 650 students and 160 teachers from near and far.

Myriad musical universes, from baroque to classical, contemporary and electro-acoustic, opera, jazz and world music, are available to students enrolled in performance, musicology, composition and conducting, at the undergraduate, master's and PhD levels.

In a spirit of openness to the emergence of interdisciplinarity that characterizes today's creative world, the Faculty has developed a number of innovative programs. Musicians and non-musicians now have access to programs that explore digital music, technological arts and the links between music, art and society.

In short, the Faculty of Music is a singular venue for exchanges where individuals, traditions and styles enrich one another!

Recognized masters, devoted to passing on their knowledge

Students in the Faculty will also discover an exceedingly human learning environment: year after year, students and alumni testify to the quality of the rapports they have built with their professors.

Our staff, made up of recognized educators, renowned performers and composers as well as informed musicologists and researchers, is well connected to international networks. Besides their expertise, these masters build on two vital qualities: a willingness to share their knowledge to the fullest extent, and a desire to involve students in the Faculty's research as well as efforts to enrich its reputation. In this regard, the Faculty continues to assert its role as a place for creativity and leading-edge research in musicology, ethnomusicology, instrumental composition and electro-acoustic genres.

The Faculty is also home to the Observatoire interdisciplinaire de création et de recherche en musique (OICRM), which comprises more than 70 university researchers from Québec, the rest of Canada and abroad, nearly 90 active students as well as postdoctoral interns and research professionals working in eleven units (laboratories). Together, the Observatoire and these units explore music research fields including musicology, ethnomusicology, acoustics, popular music, research/creation and neurocognition.

A tradition of excellence and modernity

The Faculty, with a history going back 60 years, enjoys a sterling reputation as North America's leading French-language music teaching institution. Its reputation now extends far beyond the continent, however, borne by the shining achievements and successes of its teaching staff, its students and its graduates.

With proud roots in that fertile past, the Faculty is steadfastly cultivating one important "faculty" – that of constantly evolving. To provide students with an education geared to the realities of the professional market, it offers composers interdisciplinary programs focused on musical creation for stage and screen. In addition to traditional live performance, multimedia, dance, film, theatre and video gaming are their new creative muses. Moreover, our Art & D laboratory allows students to extend research in electro-acoustic and video music.

Lastly, with some 600 events presented each year in its three concert halls – including the Salle Claude-Champagne – a crossroads of musical dissemination and creation for over four decades – the Faculty provides emerging performers with opportunities to acquire invaluable stage experience. Each year, 100,000 people come here to hear and applaud the stars of tomorrow.

So it is that in this high place of musical learning, nestled on a mountainside and bathed in natural light, the past, present and future come together. To shape excellence, while nurturing passion for music.

Welcome to the Université de Montréal Faculty of Music!