International Master in Composition for Screen (InMiCS) application procedure and required documents

The application procedure is in 3 steps :

STEP 1 : completing the application form
Applicants must first and foremost complete an application form.
Please click here to start completing the e-form.

STEP 2 : payment of the entrance exam fee
Once the e-form is submitted, an email is sent within 10 days to each applicant with information about payment procedure by bank transfer. Please check your emails, spams included. Should you not receive any information within 10 days, contact

We recommend not to wait until the last minute to proceed with steps 1 and 2 since payments by bank transfer can take time. Please note that applications submitted without payment of the entrance exam fee will be considered invalid. As indicated below, the proof of payment has to be submitted as one of the required documents to complete the application.

STEP 3 : uploading of the required documents
Applicants must submit the documents listed below by January 15, 2018.

The documents must be titled strictly according to the template « Name_Firstname_DOCUMENT.ext ».
In the application form and in the naming of your files, please use your birthname (no pseudonym).
The document type ( _DOCUMENT ) and the format are provided for each item in the list below.
All these documents must be submitted in only one compressed file (.zip).
The size of this compressed file must not be greater than 2 Go.

  1. Proof of payment of a 87€ fee for the entrance exam (_PROOF.pdf)

  2. Copy of the passport or identity card (_IDENTITY.pdf)

  3. ID picture (_PICTURE.pdf)

  4. Certified copy of the undergraduate diploma in music (_DIPLOMA.pdf) - If you do not have received your diploma yet, please provide a document stating the expected date for the completion of your studies, stamped by your school.

  5. English translation of your undergraduate diploma if it is in any other langage than French, Italian, Dutch or English (_DIPLOMA_ENG.pdf)

  6. Transcripts in original language (_TRANSCRIPTS.pdf)

  7. English translation of transcripts if it is in any other language than French, Italian, Dutch or English (_TRANSCRIPTS_ENG.pdf)

  8. Complete curriculum vitae putting forward the experience and education in the field of composition for screen (_CV.pdf)

  9. Cover letter (max. 1000 words) presenting the experience and education, the motivations to enter InMICS and the choice of the two institutions where the master degree would take place (_LETTER.pdf)

  10. Document (max. 2000 words) presenting the artistic research project as well as the theoretical research project and/or general interests in the various research fields which can support and enrich the practice of composition for screen (_PROJECT.pdf)

  11. Between 3 and 5 original compositions by the candidate, for a total of 20 minutes of music. Please select the most representative excerpts in order to strictly respect this limit. Instrumental or electronic (score, simulation, recording) are accepted. At least one of the pieces should be composed for the screen (with audiovisual document provided).

  12. Scores: (_PIECE#_Short_title.pdf)

  13. Audio document : (_PIECE#_Short_title.mp3 or .aac)

  14. Audiovisual document : ( or .mp4)

  15. Declaration of honor of the authenticity and artistic authorship of scores and/or recordings (_HONOR.pdf)

Warning: for all documents including portfolio, you will use only your birth name (no pseudonym)

All these documents must be submitted in a compressed file (.zip). The size of the compressed file must not be greater than 2 Go.


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