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Let their passion resound

A scholarship fundraising campaign for outstanding students faced with pressing needs because
of Covid-19.

 The goal of the campaign is to raise $100,000


As a result of the pandemic, our students are confronted with high stress levels and unusual psychological challenges.

“Close to two years after the start of this pandemic and all its successive waves, we’re now aware that beyond the health hazards and constraints, the truly sensitive issue is the psychological fitness of our student population. Anxiety, loss of meaning and insecurity are some of the too many manifestations linked to our current collective experience. Increased financial support for our students remains the finest invitation for them to persevere, to stay the course towards horizons that will one day be theirs and that are a match for their aspirations.”

Mathieu Lussier, Vice-Dean


In January, for our scholarship competition, 87 students submitted an application. That's unprecedented! All of them are enrolled full time in the Faculty.

You can contribute to reversing the trend by helping us award more scholarships. You’ll be giving our students extraordinary encouragement to carry on.

Moreover, when you give, your donations counts for double, because a great friend of the Faculty’s is offering to match your donations, up to $50,000!


Their well-being and their success are dependent on a degree of financial comfort. Today, you can give them the peace of mind they need to spread their wings. Let their passion resound!


On their behalf, a big – a very big – thank-you!

Elin Soderstrom
Advisor specializing in philanthropic development
514 343-6111, poste 1993