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What sets us apart

  1. The largest francophone educational establishment for music in North America.
  2. Sound training programs to prepare you for various professions in music.
  3. A teaching staff distinguished by the diversity and plurality of its approaches.
  4. International students from around the world. This year we have a total of 151 students hailing from 25 different countries.
  5. Individual and profoundly human supervision.
  6. Teachers and researchers connected to national and international networks.
  7. Accessible facilities (concert halls, rehearsal rooms, recording studios and library) and instruments from prestigious makers available to Faculty of Music students.
  8. A faculty at the heart of the wider Université de Montréal family, which rates among the five finest in Canada and the 100 finest in the world according to major world rankings.
  9. Within a larger Québec society described by our international students as welcoming, open-minded and good-hearted.
  10. Located in a centrally located oasis of green in a vibrant Montréal, one of the most student-friendly towns in the world according to QS Best Student Cities.