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Laura Andriani

Visiting professor of violin

An encounter with Laura Andriani, visiting professor of violin at the Université de Montréal Faculty of Music.

  • Could you tell us about your area of research and what prompted you in that direction?

I’ve been a violinist since childhood. Being a musician means constantly seeking. Passion and curiosity are my day-to-day sources of motivation.

  • What led you to play your instrument?

I was born into a family of musicians. I was surrounded by musicians during my entire childhood, so much that I though everyone played an instrument or sang! All my friends were the children of musicians, and we were always busy “playing” together. I never wanted that playing to stop! My parents enthusiastically supported in my studies. I also had a chance to play for great masters and to improve my art thanks to their invaluable advice. And since my parents were musicians, I got to attend a great number of rehearsals, concerts and tours. So it was total musical immersion!

  • How do you define your teaching approach?

I think that before everything else, you have to develop listening. A good musician has good ears! As a teacher, you have to have your ears open and you have to steer students so that they develop theirs. The violin is an extremely complex instrument, one that requires great concentration in order to listen and to produce an accurate, beautiful sound. That complexity has to be analyzed and gradually simplified; you have to go into the tiniest details while at the same time having an overall vision. I try to guide students along this wonderful journey!

  • What’s your primary source of inspiration?

Water. I find a lot of inspiration in that element of nature. I love the sea, contemplating the water in its immensity and in the law of its propagation.

  • What do you for recreation?

I swim! I’m a real fish! I’m also completely fascinated by Rubik’s Cube!

November 2020