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Accords Mieux-être program In collaboration with the School of Kinesiology - Winter 2023 edition

An invitation to harmonize music and health

Especially tailored for music students, the program Accords Mieux-être was designed with the acquisition of a healthful lifestyle in mind.

Given by student interns in kinesiology, under the supervision of an experienced kinesiologist, the Accords Mieux-être program is offered to musicians seeking to improve their health, and in doing so their instrumental practice as well.

Each workshop addresses specific themes (mobility, posture, breathing, nutrition, and so on) and aims to provide participants with the tools needed to make progress on their own.

The goals

The Accords Mieux-être programs aims to:

  • Heighten musicians’ awareness of the importance of movement and physical activity for their overall wellbeing as well as for their instrumental practice.
  • Develop a strong body awareness in musicians.
  • Assess and improve physical condition, mobility and stability.
  • Promote learning through the movement of different specific themes (muscular relaxation, mobility, activation, posture, breathing, active breaks, general and specific muscular strengthening).
  • Furnish specific tools (mobility, posture and strengthening exercises) so that musicians become independent.
  • Lead musicians to develop healthful habits with regard to muscle relaxation, managing anxiety, sleep and nutrition.
  • Break down isolation and get musicians to meet up and discuss common issues together.
  • Create a true dynamic among musicians: publications of specific educational content, get-togethers, challenges, activities.

Where, when and how?

Free and accessible to all Faculty of Music students, the workshops begin on Friday, February 3, 2023, and run for a period of 10 weeks.

The workshops last 50 minutes each and are conducted on Friday mornings.

There are three types of workshop specifically designed for the concerns of a broad musical family: strings, voice/winds or keyboards/percussion.

Don’t wait to sign up –places are limited!

Deadline: January 31, 2023

To enroll in the Accords Mieux-être program, you must be available Friday mornings from February 10 to April 14, 2023. 



Have any questions?

Are enrollments full up? Or would you like to participate in the program but won’t be available for every session? It’s possible to add your name to a waiting list by writing to