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Coming to study at the Université de Montréal Faculty of Music

Applying for admission

You are a foreign student and you’d like to apply for admission to one of the programs offered at the Université de Montréal Faculty of Music? Here are the steps to follow:

Explore our study programs

Do you know which curriculum you’re interested in? Maybe not? Whatever the case, you have to know that Québec universities follow the LMD model: a baccalaureate (license or bachelor’s) lasts 3 years, a master’s lasts 2 years and a doctorate lasts 3 to 6 years. 

Verify your eligibility

In order to undertake a program at the Université de Montréal Faculty of Music, it’s important to be aware of equivalences between degrees in the country where you did your earlier studies and those in Québec.

Undergratuate programs
Detailed data profiles for our study programs are available online. On the profile of the program that interests you, consult the tab “Admission et exigences” (Admission and requirements): you’ll find a useful section there intended for foreign students.

Graduate studies
For graduate-level music programs, we invite you to consult this page. But please note! The fact that you hold the mandatory degree with the required average does not guarantee your admission.

Anticipate the costs

Furthering one’s education in another country requires organization and sound budget planning. It should be noted that tuition fees vary according to your situation. You may find this typical budget of a foreign student in Montréal very useful.

If you are a foreign student with a disability or with special needs, you may have to assume certain additional costs generated by these special services. It’s therefore important to get in touch with the Bureau de soutien aux étudiants en situation de handicap before your arrival to assess the possibility of being offered accommodation measures necessary to your situation.

Meet the deadlines

The deadline for international candidates’ admission requests is February 1 of each year. Get a jump on the situation and submit your application for admission on time! 

Make sure to have the required level of French

If you submit an application for admission to an undergraduate program (bachelor’s, major, minor or certificate) and your previous studies have not been done in an entirely francophone context, you’ll have to take a test in order to demonstrate that you have adequate knowledge of French (oral and written). You’ll find the specific conditions and the accepted tests on the Université de Montréal Centre de communication écrite page.

Are you applying for graduate studies (master’s, D.É.S.S, D.É.P.A. or doctorate)? Check with the person in charge of the study program that interests you about the expected level of language, since it’s possible that a French test is not required.

Finance your studies

The course schedule at Université de Montréal will allow you to take a job at the same time that you study. The Canadian studies permit normally comes with a student work permit. That way you’ll be able to work up to 20 hours per week if you so wish.

Watch for job offers on campus, particularly at the Faculty of Music.

If you’re interested in graduate studies, you can also find out about available grants.

Take care of immigration formalities

To study in Québec you’ll need various entry formalities (which differ depending on your nationality): you’ll require at least the CAQ (Québec acceptance certificate) and the study permit. You absolutely must have them on hand before your arrival here! Also be aware that if you wish to remain in Québec after your studies, Immigration Canada has put in place post-graduation permits that will make the process easier.

Get to know...

Lila Duffy

Master’s in performance graduate(2018)

Discipline: classical singing
Country of origin: France (Coulommiers)
Arrival at the Faculty of Music: autumn 2016

Resource person:

Mélissa Levasseur-Dupuis
International Mobility Coordinator
514 343-6111, ext. 4903
Office B-367