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Exchange program

Conditions for participation

To be an exchange student at the Faculty of Music, you must make sure that a partnership exists between Université de Montréal and your current school. The person responsible for exchanges at your institution can advise you as to the procedure to follow in submitting your application.

For more details on conditions for participation in the exchange program, carefully read the section devoted to foreign students on the Université de Montréal’s Direction des affaires internationales website.

Moreover, if you’re considering coming to study at the Faculty of Music, be aware that:

  • There are three types of teaching:

    1. Individual (instrument and composition course)
    2. Small group (chamber music ensembles, jazz combos, composition workshops, etc.)
    3. Lectures and large ensembles

  • All individual courses (instrument, composition), as well as jazz combos are open only to students coming from institutions with which a special agreement exists, when the level meets the requirements of the Faculty of Music and there are spaces available in the classes in question.
  • Students who wish to enroll in instrument courses will have to send an audio or video recording with their applications (please use YouTube, Vimeo or WeTransfer links).
  • Students whose mother tongue is not French must present a certification of level B1 or higher.

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Resource person:

Miguel Ángel Codes Alberola
International Mobility Coordinator
514 343-6111, ext. 41839
Office B-510