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Dear students,

This year we’re more excited than ever at the thought of welcoming you, face to face, at the Faculty of Music. And we have everything in place!

The year we’ve just been through was difficult for everyone, and for the music community in particular, but it’s now behind us and we’re looking ahead with confidence. The pandemic raised a number of questions at a point when we were already engaged in an action plan for the future of our Faculty.

We’ve taken the time to rethink our programs and our activities on the basis of a deep conviction that the Faculty’s teaching and administrative team has long shared: we must make it possible for you to carry out your career project and to construct – or else discover – your personality as a musician within a broad spectrum of possibilities.

Hence, we’re deploying whatever means are necessary so that you can study and learn to excel in the best possible conditions, and our aim is to ensure you personalized guidance of great quality, in the spirit of innovation that has always shaped our history. Our goal is that you feel at home and that you find the training you receive exciting, motivating and stimulating. You’ll be able to count on the incomparable knowledge of our teaching faculty and on the exceptional dedication of our academic and administrative teams.

The Université de Montréal Faculty of Music is the largest French-language music teaching institution in North America, and you can be proud to be part of our community!

I extend a warm invitation to join us as the new 2021 semester begins in the company of the management team and key resource people from the academic team. We’ll answer your questions and provide you with more information about the 2021-2022 academic year.

I welcome you home, to the Faculty of Music! And I look forward to accompanying you in your studies and to greeting you at an event that marks the first annual gathering of our faculty community. You can count on there being a number of others throughout the year!

Nathalie Fernando


Back to school event

Further information to come soon