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Current students

Information on the music studies programs

Numerous pieces of practical information can be found on the Faculty of Music website. You’ll discover among other things a presentation of the study programs and your program’s own internal regulations, including the music study guides. We strongly recommend that you consult the study guides for your level before the start of your school term:

Undergraduate Study Guide
Graduate Study Guide

Contact information for undergraduate program heads can be found in the “Academic Support” section. Don’t hesitate to contact your program heads and faculty advisors; they’ll be able to advise you in your choice of courses. The contact information of the student record management technicians (TGDE) for each of the study programs is found on the following page (“Academic Support” section).

Academic calendar

The Université de Montréal’s academic calendar is generated automatically on the website of the registrar’s office. To find out the important dates during the session, please consult the calendriers universitaires here.

Making a choice of courses

It’s important to undertake the choice of courses as early as possible for the autumn AND winter semesters. To do so, undergraduates must connect to their Centre étudiant. In that regard, please consult the document “Le Centre étudiant – Aide-mémoire,” or else the admissions service. You may also consult the Registrar’s website when enrolling.

Registration (Choice of courses)

Graduate students must fill out the course choice form available on the Centre étudiant. Make sure to validate the choice of courses with your research director. It’s the student record management technician who completes the registrations in the file.

The start of classes marks a period of great activity. It happens that modifications in the choice of courses or even course cancellations prove necessary during the first week of the semester. Undergraduate students will be able to modify their choice of courses by connecting to their Centre étudiant.

Undergraduate fall 2022 course schedule Fall 2022 / Winter 2023

Graduate faa 2022 course schedule Fall 2022 / Winter 2023



Deadline for modifying the choice of courses for the fall 2022 semester (cancellation free of charge): Wednesday, September 21st, 2022.

Deadline for withdrawing from a course (with a charge) for the fall 2022 semester, without mention of failure in the transcript: Friday, November 11th, 2022.

The student who withdraws from one or more courses after September 21st will therefore have to pay full tuition and other fees relating to those courses.

The student who does not attend or who no longer attends a course and omits cancelling it or withdrawing from it in the Centre étudiant will receive the mark F* (failure by absence).

Graduate students  must fill out the form available in the Centre étudiant to make any modification to their choice of courses.

Assignment list of teachers for instrument and composition courses

Your instrument teacher (initials MUI):

  • Consult this list to find out who your instrument teacher is; he or she will be in touch with you to determine the course schedule for the semester.

Your composition teacher (initials MCT):

  • Consult this list to find out who your composition teacher is and to see the ways of determining when you can get together.

Requests for course equivalencies

Students coming from other universities or conservatories may request equivalencies for courses previously taken by bringing the matter to their program head, who must validate those course equivalencies or transfers. The form “Équivalence et exemption” is available in Synchro Académique, accessible through your Centre étudiant.

However, in cases where you are asking for recognition for more than four courses, the form below must be filled out and signed: See form

Request for a special subject

In the event of a request for a special subject, please complete the document below and send it to your TGDE in order to assess your request and register your file.

Document order

For your unofficial transcripts, you can consult and download them at any time in your student center. Please see this page for more information.

To order an official document (certificate, transcript, etc.), you must order them through the Registrar's Office directly from this page. Please note that fees and deadlines are required depending on the document granted.

Please note that the Faculty of Music does not issue any certificate or official documents.