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Student services

The Faculty of Music Library

The Music Library is the ideal place to access resources that will enrich your musical projects and research work. In our spaces, you can use a computer station, scan texts, images and music, print. You can also work in the silent zone or reserve a table for teamwork in the Room provided for this purpose. Our Sofia search tool will allow you to locate all the documentation present in our collections as well as those of other universities in Quebec or around the world. You can, of course, borrow scores, books, magazines, recordings, etc. you need, get information from team members to find the titles or documentation by subject you want to obtain, attend practical workshops to learn more about the tools (catalogs, databases, software) available to you.

From our web page, you will be able to explore research guides, access specialized music databases (journal articles, dictionaries, encyclopedias, audio or video recordings, digital scores), chat for help in time real or specifics.

For multidisciplinary approaches, do not hesitate to explore the different tabs of the UdeM Libraries website: there you will find a wealth of useful information for your academic career.

The Multimedia Sector (SMM)

The Faculty of Music’s Multimedia Sector supplies the audio, video and computer support needed for teaching and research. Our services are intended for students at all levels, for lecturers and professors.

We offer technical services to enrolled students and, depending on the study program: two multiphonic composition studios, a multitrack studio, a mixed-music laboratory, a psychoacoustic laboratory, an electronics laboratory, a laboratory for the electroacoustic ensemble, a computer laboratory and an audiovisual material loan counter. The Multimedia Sector is also responsible for the audiovisual equipment in classrooms and workshops, as well as the self-service recording modules found in the three concert halls.

To reserve technical support or audiovisual material available free of charge (e.g., a projector or a mobile recording unit), please write to

To reserve a hall, a studio or a laboratory, please write to

It’s important to point out to us any technical problems encountered during the use of installations and equipment. If you come across anything broken or defective, please send a description of the problem to

For any special academic project involving SMM equipment or services as well as for any other information relative to the multimedia sector, you can contact Jean-Michel Dumas.

Éric Deschênes (B-385), Electroacoustic Technician – 514 343-6111, p. 5529
Jean-Michel Dumas (B-389), Multimedia Advisor – 514 343-2318
François Gaudette (B-363), Head of Computers and Multimedia – 514 343-6111, p. 5505
Zachary Plourde, multimedia equipment support technician 

Rent your locker

For more information, call 514 343-7634, or visit the Web page  designed for that purpose.

On-campus student services

A range of services is available to support you during your academic career: Accueil et integration (Welcome and Integration), Ressources socio-économiques (Socioeconomic Resources), support of success, Centre de santé et de consultation psychologique (Health and Psychological Consultation Center), among others.

Visit the Student services website.

Cultural Activities

In Cultural Activities, non-credited workshops are offered to all Université de Montréal students in the fields of visual arts, cinema, communications, creation, dance, languages, music, photography and theater. There are also three student troupes, popular song (VolUM), dance (DUM) and theater (TUM), whose auditions take place in September.

For students of the Faculty of Music, Cultural Activities is also a job opportunity; several posts are allocated each year for the teaching of singing, various instruments, as well as computer-assisted music, etc. Those interested in occupying a position can submit their application at any time, and can also propose the setting up of a new project for which they would like to take responsibility.

Please note that owing to health measures adopted with regard to COVID-19, the regular Cultural Activities programming will be modified for 2021-2022.

To learn more, please consult the website
or contact
Philip Gareau, Music Sector Coordinator
514 343-6111, ext. 4692
Bureau B-786 (Music Pavilion)

Reserving a concert hall for a recording

***For the 2021-2022 academic year, conditions for using concert halls will be modified because of health constraints. Availability may also be limited.***

With the self-service audiovisual recording module

Salle Serge-Garant (B-484) and Salle Jean-Papineau-Couture (B-421)

  • Recording periods are two hours long and determined based on hall availability

Salle Claude-Champagne

  • $50, payable at least seven days before the recording session
  • Recording periods are two hours long, and the reservation must be made by the 15th of the month preceding the recording session

With a technical assistant from the Faculty of Music multimedia service*

  • $100, payable at least seven working days before the recording session

*The audiovisual recording is carried out by a student technician who’s received training by the Université de Montréal Faculty of Music multimedia service. Recording is done with a HD camcorder positioned at the back of the hall (static shot) and with a pair of stereo microphones placed close to the stage. Subsequent to the recording, editing will be done in five working days or less. When the editing is finished, an email containing a link for downloading the sound and audiovisual files will be sent out.

Resource person for reservations:
Zacharie Fournier Robert
Production technician
Faculty of Music – Bureau B-302 | 514 343-6479

Policy governing use of halls and pianos

*** For the 2021-2022 academic year, conditions governing the use of concert halls will be modified owing to health constraints. Availability may also be limited.***