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Philanthropy: why donate to the Faculty of music?

Supporting the Université de Montréal Faculty of Music means allowing students to thrive in the exercise of their art and, indirectly, offering music lovers cohorts of musicians who will contribute to making the world better through culture and art.

Concerned with offering solid training anchored in the realities of the professional environment, the Faculty of Music offers undergraduate and graduate programs that make it possible to specialize in several study disciplines.

In donating to the Faculty of Music, you have the possibility of supporting our performers, musicologists and composers in their quest for excellence and in the development of their art in a number of ways:

  • With scholarships that foster their success, students can devote themselves wholly to their musical journey ‒ to our great delight.
  • With prestige masterclasses and lectures that enhance the curriculum, you give them access to well-known artists and specialists, while inspiring them in the pursuit of their research or creative-research projects.
  • In giving them a chance to play on top-quality instruments and equipment, like the new Hamburg Steinway piano in Salle Claude-Champagne, you help our young artists take their approach a step further and refine their playing.
  • Thanks to your financial support, our faculty ensembles can present concerts as ambitious as they are educational. You additionally heighten the quality and scope of all our productions, including those of the Atelier d’opéra (opera workshop).
  • You also offer our students the possibility of having access to mentoring with professionals in the field, another way of enhancing their learning conditions.

In recognition of your donation

Your donation comes from the bottom of your heart, and it’s from the bottom of our hearts that we open the doors of our faculty.

We’re happy to offer you a direct connection with your scholarship recipients at exclusive get-togethers! We invite you as well to concerts presented uniquely for donors. And you can attend graduation recitals by your scholarship holders. In addition, we’re always delighted to welcome you at masterclasses. Are you sponsoring concert productions? Then of course you’re invited to attend rehearsals. Are you offering prizes? You’re invited to the competitions.

In contributing to the success of our student cohorts, you play a decisive role and are at the heart of the great community of the Université de Montréal Faculty of Music!

Elin Soderstrom
Conseillère spécialisée en développement philanthropique
514 343-6111, poste 1993