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Sonorités podcast

In a short format, the episodes here are an invitation to learn more about the many disciplines of music. Exchanges of ideas and reflections from guests of varied backgrounds will lead to a discovery of an innovative and passionate community.

Invented digital instruments

Nicolas Bernier

Instrument making is constantly being reinvented! In this episode, you’ll plunge into the world of invented digital instruments with Nicolas Bernier, professor of composition and sound creation at the Faculty of Music; Ana Dall’Ara-Majek, guest professor; and Jean-François Laporte, a Faculty graduate and founder and artistic director of Productions Totem Contemporain.

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Songs of women resistors in Nazi prisons

Marie-Hélène Benoit-Otis

When singing means resisting! This episode is a hymn to women arrested by the Nazi authorities during the Second World War. Punctuated by “live” performances, it has us witness a body of songs composed by French women resistance workers in Nazi prisons. Marie-Hélène Benoit Otis, professor of musicology at Université de Montréal and holder of the Canada Research Chair in Music and Politics, and researchers Cécile Quesney and Catherine Harrison-Boisvert explore some of these fighting songs written to existing melodies.

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Cinema for the ears (2 episodes)

Jonathan Goldman
Robert Normandeau

At the museum, at the movies or during live installation and performances, you’ve possibly already been in contact with electroacoustic music without realizing it!

By way of his history as part of the Faculty of Music and personal anecdotes, Jonathan Goldman, professor of musicology at the UdeM, along with Robert Normandeau, who has enjoyed a 40-year career as a composer and professor of digital music and sound creation, present a journey through time. In the first part, our professors focus on the contributions of Marcelle Deschênes and Nicolas Bernier.

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In the second part, video music lies at the heart of the discussion between Jonathan Goldman, professor at the Faculty of Music, and Robert Normandeau, composer and professor of digital music and sound creation, who address the worlds of Jean Piché and Francis Dhomont.

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OpéRA de poche

Ana Sokolović
Zoey Cochran

Have you always dreamed of enjoying an opera experience in the comfort of your own home? A multidisciplinary team at UdeM explores this idea through the “OpéRA de poche” project: Zoey Cochran, Ana Sokolović, Olivier Asselin and Marie-Josèphe Vallée introduce you to this one-of-a-kind project!

In this first episode, those involved reveal the genesis of the project, and how this responds to the objective of democratizing opera and making it accessible in a domestic setting.

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This second episode will introduce you to the second phase of the OpéRA de poche project. This professionalizing stage saw the creation of a fifth opera scenario with a brand-new team composed of Indigenous artists, and turned up quite a few challenges during the creation of prototypes

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AI in musical creation

Dominic Thibault

Artificial intelligence is being applied in many fields, and its use is often questioned. But how do things stand with regard to musical creation?

In this episode, Dominic Thibault, professor of composition and sound creation, interviews Myriam Bleau and Gabriel Lavoie-Viau on the place of artificial intelligence in their respective work and its impact.

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Sound recording and postproduction: Antoine Lussier


Musical theme composed by O:DOOZ, taken from the piece Tome 1: Initiation au Code