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The Université de Montréal Music Student Association

The Université de Montréal Music Student Association (AÉMUM) gathers all students in the Faculty of Music. It is managed by an executive board elected at the annual general meeting.

In order to be better represented in the university overall, the AÉMUM became affiliated in 1984 with FAÉCUM (Federation of Student Associations on the Université de Montréal Campus), which groups together most of the Université de Montréal departmental or faculty student associations. In addition to representing students with regard to Université de Montréal management, FAÉCUM also discusses political issues.

For its part, the AÉMUM concerns itself above all with the Faculty of Music’s internal affairs. For that reason it is better positioned to intervene directly in matters concerning music students.

The AÉMUM is made up of students, and serves the student community. We invite you to take advantage of the numerous services it offers. It is also possible for you to get involved in student life: feel free to share your projects, comments and suggestions with us. Getting involved means playing an active role in your university career!

The role of the AÉMUM

Defense of students’ interests

The AÉMUM occupies three seats on the Faculty Council, the highest decision-making body of the Université de Montréal Faculty of Music. Its presence allows the voice of the student community to be heard regarding the most diverse administrative and academic questions.

The AÉMUM also delegates four representatives to the Studies Committee. The mandate of that Faculty Council advisory committee is to deal with all questions of an academic nature (course offer, structure and content).

Handling complaints and grievances

The AÉMUM is responsible for management of problems encountered by members of the student community in their university life. Those problems can be academic in nature or they can be administrative. Conflicts with faculty members, problems managing premises or disputes with the administration are examples of matters in which the AÉMUM can intervene.

Student life

The AÉMUM strives to improve the quality of life of its members in the Faculty of Music by providing them with services such as:

  • The student café Le Triton
  • The funding of teaching activities (masterclasses, lectures, etc.)
  • The awarding of grants to carry out individual or collective projects

The association also funds extracurricular activities:

  • Sports activities
  • Social activities
  • Group outings

Finally, the AÉMUM financially sponsors CeCo (the Université de Montréal Composition Circle), the Musicology Circle and the Feminist Committee.

Contact us!

Local B-242 (across from the student café)

Visit the AÉMUM Facebook page for more information