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Composition Circle

Benefiting from the support of the Université de Montréal Music Student Association (AÉMUM), the Université de Montréal Composition Circle (CeCo) is a student group whose mission is to get audiences for and promote the music composed by Faculty students, in addition to creating a crossroads for ideas and exchanges among members of the student community, teaching staff, local artists and, of course, the public.

In recent years, CeCo events have become increasingly popular with the entire student community. Contacts with people working in the composition and sound creation sector have contributed to enriching the academic and professional experience of CeCo members.

CeCo organizes several types of activities:

  • Concerts that feature works created at the Faculty of Music in addition to establishing links between composes and performers
  • Special events dedicated to digital music as well as to instrumental composition, mixed composition and jazz, which are intended to encourage exchanges among varied disciplines
  • Lectures and roundtables that provide a voice for students as well as for local artists
  • Workshops on different topical issues offering interesting supplemental training to those seeking an introduction to a new discipline or an opportunity to advance their knowledge

Moreover, scholarships in support of creation initiatives in the student community are also offered each year.

Visit the CeCo Facebook page for more information on upcoming activities.