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Musicology Circle

Who are we?

The Université de Montréal Musicology Circle is a body of the AÉMUM (Université de Montréal Music Student Association). Its goal is to create a network of students in the musicology and ethnomusicology programs.

What do we do?

The Circle’s activities are varied, and range from social get-togethers to study days, by way of an email group and a lecture series. The Circle is a student initiative, led by students for the student community. The fact that it exists is thanks to the participation and involvement of students at all levels. We’re there for you: feel free to share any special request, suggestion or comment with us.

How to participate?

First of all, why not join your colleagues for our social activities? Come meet us there to get information, give us your comments and, who knows, get involved in our activities. And, to keep up with what’s happening in the Musicology Circle and elsewhere, sign up right now for the email group.

What to do to learn more?

You’ll get more information on the Musicology Circle, its history, it executive council and, of course, the schedule of activities by visiting its website.