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Who are we?

Founded on October 18, 1950, the Faculty of Music is recognized as the largest francophone educational establishment for music in North America. Its fame has traveled far beyond the borders of the continent thanks to the remarkable achievements of its teachers, its student community and its graduates.

Promoting a multiplicity of approaches and interchanges among study disciplines in a spirit of collaboration, the Faculty offers students innovative programs that will allow them to develop in the professional environment of today, to enjoy the career they aspire to and to heighten their impact in the world.

With its vast network of prestigious international partners, the Faculty is a setting for ground-breaking creation and research. Its teaching staff cultivates two essential qualities: the readiness to offers students personalized guidance, and an eagerness to involve them in research projects and outreach activities.

A stimulating learning environment where individuals, traditions and styles all enrich one another, the Faculty also plays host to a number of organizations in residence, the École LUMI, the Canada Research Chair in Music and Politics, the Canada Research Chair in Opera Creation, research and creative-research laboratories, and the OICRM, a strategic clustering dedicated to supporting research.

A true spawning ground for talent, the Faculty showcases its students by presenting numerous events each year, notably at Salle Claude-Champagne, a crossroads for dissemination and creation at the heart of musical history in Québec.