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Louis-Philippe Marsolais

Associate professor of horn

An encounter with Louis-Philippe Marsolais, associate professor of horn at the Université de Montréal Faculty of Music.

  • What led you to play your instrument?

I started making music and playing the horn by a happy accident. A violin teacher and conductor gave me a horn, telling me he needed it for the youth orchestra. After a few years I realized that I couldn’t live without music!

  • Could you talk to us about your area of research?

I’m interested in the physical principles that govern instruments in the brass family and in the technique of the natural horn in connection with the evolution of performance practice. I want to push research to different levels, to achieve a better understanding of the instrument and how it works. The results will make it possible to reach a greater mastery, which a view to it serving the music.

  • How do you define your teaching approach?

A mix of pushing students’ limitations and giving them confidence in themselves.

  • What’s your primary source of inspiration?

Quite simply, the emotions that music brings to life!

November 2020