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Procedure for grant recipients

Congratulations! You’ve earned a grant from the Faculty of Music.
Here’s the procedure to follow to receive your grant.



  • Direct deposit enrolment: October 1 (fall) or February 1 (winter)
  • Grant deposit: October 15 (fall) or February 15 (winter)
  • Sending of thank-you letter: November 1  (fall) or March 1 (winter)

How grant deposit works

Activate your direct deposit:

Register for direct deposit and validate your mailing address in the student center by October 1 (fall semester) or February 1 (winter semester). Consult the direct deposit registration procedure to facilitate receipt of your grant.

Payment details:

The grant will be awarded in 1 or 2 payments, directly on tuition fees on the tuition payment deadline, whether on October 15 (fall) or February 15 (winter).

  • For grants of $5,000 or less, a single payment will be made.
  • For grants of $5,001 or more, two payments will be made, in equal amounts. The first half will be paid in the first semester, and the second half will be paid the following semester.

If your grant fails to cover the total amount of your tuition, please pay the balance of your invoice by the deadline. Below are some examples:


Total of the school invoice

Grant awarded

1st automatic payment on October 15

Balance to be paid by October

2nd automatic payment on February 15 

Example #1

$1 800 

$1 000

$1 000 (on your tuition fees)



Example #2

$1 800

$5 000

$5 000

$1 800 (on your tuition fees)
$3 200 (check or direct deposit)



Example #3

$1 800

$8 000

$4 000

$1 800 (on your tuition fees)
$2 200 (check or direct deposit)


$4 500

Please note: in cases of withdrawal from a program or a where a file is not in order, no grant will be awarded. Recipients of an SSHRC or FRQSC grant are not eligible for the Faculty of Music’s Musique Excellence and financial-support competitions.

How thank-you letters work

If your grant comes from the private-donor fund, a thank-you letter to their attention is required!

  1. Verify whether your grant comes from a private fund on the donor table.
    If yes, please include the names of the donors in your letter. 

  2. Download the thank-you letter template. The letter must be 1 page minimum to 2 pages maximum.

  3. Please include the list of recommended elements in your text.

  4. Send your thank-you letter in PDF format by email to the address by November 1 (fall) or March 1 (winter).