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Office of Student Success

The Student Success Office is the place to go with all your questions, needs, or for advice on your academic career. Plenty of resources are available to you!

The peer support team is ready to welcome you in a laid-back atmosphere at local B-738.

Grant competitions, directory, and jobs available at the Faculty, plus other financial resources.

International exchanges, internships and other international opportunities are offered at the Faculty of Music.

Openly discuss problems experienced during your university stay and suggestions for faculty life! Write us for further information.

A brand-new curriculum offered at the undergraduate level! Community, study program–related or extracurricular internships are all available to you!

Under the Sentinels network, a number of UdeM employees are trained to welcome you at all times in the event of difficulties.

Resource Person

Office of Student Success

 514 343-6111, ext. 13112

Office B-365