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Jocelyne Roy

Lecturer in flute

An encounter with Jocelyne Roy, lecturer in flute at the Université de Montréal Faculty of Music and 2nd flute with the Orchestre Métropolitain.

  • What led you to take up your instrument?

I happened to come across a Christmas elf who was playing the flute in a shopping center in 1984... I was three. My fate was sealed! After asking my parents a few times, I learned the recorder. I was hooked. I practiced day and night! My parents understood my passion very quickly. So I received a flute at the age of ten. Since then it’s become my profession, but it’s still a passion.

  • What distinguishes your way of teaching?

No pretense! I think every one of us has something to share. I believe that what distinguishes my teaching is the curiosity and independence of my students. I like being able to exchange and discover with them. That’s why I want them to develop their own thoughts and take on their own performance choices, basing themselves on musical treatises, on the consultation of orchestra scores, and also on listening to different performances from the past to the present. I want them to question themselves and to become independent in their practice, as well as developing their own ways of teaching.

  • What are your favorite artists, bands and albums?

I love the piano and jazz! Brad Mehldau is a must for me. I’m also a fan of French song: Édith Piaf, Barbara and Yves Montand are artists I like a lot. But what I could never do without is baroque music ‒ to me this is music that dances and is so expressive.

  • A memorable professional encounter?

I’ve had the privilege of meeting great artists throughout my career. My teachers: Danielle Barro, Marie-Andrée Benny, Denis Bluteau (who teaches at the Faculty) and Robert Langevin. And a number of composers thanks to the NEM (Nouvel Ensemble Moderne): Denis Gougeon, John Rea and Philippe Leroux, among others. These encounters have made a real impact in my life.

November 2020