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Nicola Giannini

Doctorate in composition and sound creation student

Discipline: digital music (immersive electroacoustic composition)
Country of origin: Italy
Arrival at the Faculty of Music: autumn 2018

  • What do you like most about the Faculty of Music? Is there a teacher in particular who was a source of inspiration for you?

I really like the Faculty of Music; I’d say that it’s the place where I’ve spent the most time since I’ve been in Montréal. I especially like the multichannel composition studios, and chances are, that’s where you’ll find me, composing!

I decided to enroll at Université de Montréal to study sound-space composition with Robert Normandeau. I became familiar with his research and creative work during my studies at the Florence conservatory, and since then he’s become a key benchmark in my artistic research. Once I got here, I also had a chance to collaborate with Nicolas Bernier and Pierre Michaud, who’ve been and still are important in my artistic approach.

  • How has your stay at the Faculty of Music influenced your life?

Having changed continents, coming here to study obviously had an immediate impact on my life. But there’s more. The study program and the human and research context stimulated me in a decisive way in pursuing my academic and artistic goals. The Faculty of Music experience enriches my life.

  • How will you remember the Faculty of Music when your studies are over? Is there a vivid memory or an anecdote that comes to mind?

I’ll remember the Faculty of Music as this context that gave me incredible possibilities, such as following Professor Pierre Michaud to France when one of his works was being created thanks to a truly interesting project of Professor Jean-Michaël Lavoie's.

And one thing that I’ll never forget is the excitement and the tension during the days of Ultrasons, the Faculty’s digital music and arts festival. The level is very high. I’ve had a chance to present my creations and to work on the festival’s technical side ‒ it was a truly unique experience.

  • Which aspects of life in Montréal and of Québec culture do you particularly enjoy?  

The artistic and cultural offer in Montréal is incredible! I always say you need a double life to attend all the concerts and events that take place here. Montréal is a beautiful and welcoming human city. I remember the first time I came here, in the summer of 2017. I took a long walk from the Faculty all the way to Place des Arts. It was at that moment that I knew this was the place where I’d like to live.

What I enjoy most in Québec culture is the extraordinary attention it pays to the world of art and entertainment. The structures and organizations here do unbelievable work, and the artistic context is extremely alive and active. I’m thinking for example of the value of a center like CIRMMT, an interdisciplinary research center in art and music that brings together many Québec institutions. In addition, the mix of cultures, points of view and perspectives is very stimulating.

  • What advice would you give to a first-year student?

Follow your goals with determination, and be in contact with other students: you could meet partners for top-level artistic projects.

  • What would you like to say to students who are thinking of coming to continue their education at the Faculty of Music?

I’d tell them to come, because it’s without a doubt the ideal place to immerse themselves in studies that will advance their own artistic and musical processes.

Novembre 2020