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Laboratories and studios

Acoustics Laboratory

Local B-179

This laboratory enables students to carry out experiments in acoustics and psychoacoustics applied to music as part of lab time for courses MUS1300 and MUS3321.

Mixed Music Laboratory

Local B-184

This laboratory allows graduate students to carry out projects requiring physical production (wood, metal, microcontrollers, and so on), with performers and electronics (real time, deferred time processing). The work done in this lab primarily involves mixed music, augmented traditional instruments along with performance-type sound installations.

Multitrack Studio and loudspeaker dome

Studio B-187

In the Faculty of Music’s professional multitrack studio (Pro Tools system), students (and notably those in jazz combos) discover the rudiments of sound production and of studio techniques used in a professional setting.

The studio is complemented by a research laboratory allowing for sound distribution through a device consisting of 32 independent loudspeakers in the shape of a dome, a valuable work tool for digital music and mixed composition.

Studio hexa

Studio B-188-1

This electroacoustic composition studio possesses a 16-speaker array in order to create works that explore the performance space. Tailor-made software, created by the Groupe de recherche en immersion spatiale assisted by Faculty of Music students, makes it possible to automate spatialization of each track on three axes (X, Y and Z).

Video music studio

Studio B-188-2

This studio for the composition of video music, used in composing for the screen programs as well as in digital and mixed music, has a transmission device consisting of eight speakers and a projector. Students can experiment here with the marriage between concrete music, electroacoustics or musical algorithms and the creation processes in experimental video.


Local B-195

This laboratory is used for digital music ensembles (notably the Ensemble d’oscillateurs) and modular synthesis systems.

Monitored drumming studio

Studio B-603

In this studio, it is possible to make a multitrack recording of a student’s performance during class time. This teaching method makes it possible to isolate certain features of the drummer’s playing so that teacher and student can accurately identify the strengths and weaknesses of the performance.