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Mixed composition

Bachelor of Music – Composition (new program from A-2024 to replace the Bachelor of Mixted Composition)

Cutting-edge facilities

Students have access to:

  • Broadcast systems
  • Studios
  • Acoustically high-level concert halls
  • A work environment with an emphasis on collaboration between performers and composers

Since the 1930s, numerous composer-researchers have explored the world of mixed music, combining the acoustic sounds of instruments with the electroacoustic sounds projected by loudspeakers. In recent decades, the design of sophisticated software has allowed for extraordinary development in this new branch of musical creation, moving all thinking about sound forward through unique and daring works.

At the leading edge of research, the Université de Montréal Faculty of Music has been providing, since 1999, training in mixed composition that enables students to discover and experiment with these two worlds with a view to bringing them together in their composition work.

Constantly evolving, the syllabus offers a special environment based among other things on learning the most recent sound analysis and synthesis software, while not overlooking disciplines anchored in traditions of instrumental composition, comprovisation and multimedia.

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