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Harpsichord and organ

Whether at the undergraduate or graduate level, the harpsichord and organ performance programs offered at the Université de Montréal Faculty of Music aim to train well-rounded performers equipped for the realities of the professional world.

The curriculum comprises:

The right instrument for every style

The Faculty of Music maintains harpsichords from different schools, making it possible to approach every style with the appropriate instrument:

  • French double-manual harpsichord by Willard Martin
  • German double-manual harpsichord by Yves Beaupré
  • Flemish single-manual harpsichord by Willard Martin
  • Italian single-manual harpsichord by Yves Beaupré

In terms of organs, the Faculty also owns:

  • Two small mechanical-action working instruments (Guilbault-Thérien and Tamburini)
  • A continuo organ by Guilbault-Thérien for ensemble music

At the Immaculée-Conception church, where organ classes are normally given, students also have access to a symphonic electro-pneumatic instrument, in addition to allotted hours on a Beckerath German baroque organ. Recitals requiring a symphonic organ take place at the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church or at the Saints-Anges-Gardiens church in Lachine, on Casavant instruments.

Resource person

Properly preparing for an audition