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Piano accompaniment

Piano accompaniment is a key component in a pianist’s profession. Musicians who specialize in this discipline are highly sought after, as much by instrumentalists, chamber musicians and singers as by organizations on the music and dance scene.

The training in piano accompaniment offered at the Université de Montréal Faculty of Music is intended for performers with a firm mastery of their instrument, the aim being to equip them for the multiple realities of professional life.

Learning that encompasses all facets of the profession

Under the direction of Francis Perron, special emphasis is placed on listening work, on collaboration and, of course, on instrumental practice, with the goal of shaping complete and versatile piano accompanists.

Students in piano accompaniment programs will develop extensive knowledge of the human voice, of different instruments, and of the repertoire (chamber music, art song, opera, orchestral works) associated with these.
As part of the seminar in vocal and instrumental accompaniment, all facets of the profession are explored:

  • Vocal and instrumental accompaniment on the piano
  • Orchestral score reduction on the piano
  • Sight reading
  • Figured bass
  • Orchestra and opera conducting

A highly career-oriented training

In the course of their studies, students benefit from numerous opportunities to perform on stage. As part of the Faculty of Music’s activities, these experiences and the rehearsals leading up to them allow students to learn their calling in professional conditions.

They will include collaborations with other of the Faculty’s study disciplines in performance, notably for productions of the Atelier d’opéra (opera workshop) or for accompanying other students at class concerts and recitals presented in Faculty concert halls.

An essential element of training, the accompanying of recitals by other students makes it possible to work closely with Faculty teachers of instruments and voice, and contributes to furthering the knowledge of the specific nature of each instrument and of its repertoire.

Repertoires and specializations

The Faculty of Music’s programs in piano accompaniment are flexible in order to offer students a complete course of study, tailored to their needs and to the realities of the music scene.

For the doctorate, pianists can specialize in vocal or instrumental accompaniment. For the master’ s, DESS  and DEPA, they have the opportunity to explore a rich and varied repertoire.

Guest masters

Thanks to special partners and the support of generous donors, the Faculty of Music regularly hosts piano accompaniment specialists in the context of masterclasses.

In recent years, Liz Upchurch from the Canadian Opera Company, David Lutz and Dalton Baldwin have been among those to share their expertise. Besides being opportunities for advanced training, these happy exchanges offer students a chance to form relationships with well-known teachers and artists from here and elsewhere.

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