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Jazz Combos

Composed of four to eight members, the combos are mandatory ensembles that make up the core of the jazz performance program offered at the Université de Montréal Faculty of Music.

For the students these are an opportunity to strengthen their playing thanks to multitrack recording technology.

Noteworthy ensembles

Headed by seasoned teachers, the Faculty of Music jazz combos have built a solid reputation in the music world. Over the years a number of them have won first place at MusicFest Canada and at the JazzFest des jeunes du Québec.

In addition, Faculty of Music combos have the opportunity to perform regularly in the city’s jazz clubs.

Three key components

The focus is on three closely linked components:

  1. Workshop training

    Under the direction of a well-known teacher, students receive the advice and tools needed to prepare for recording sessions in a multitrack studio and for performing in concert.

  2. Studio recording

    In the Faculty of Music’s multitrack studio ‒ which offers professional recording conditions ‒ students gain knowledge based on communication, complicity, musicality (melody, harmony and rhythm), and the repertoire and features of various musical styles related to jazz.

    They also develop self-assessment habits to develop their technique, their improvisation skills and their musical vocabulary, as well as to become more comfortable in the studio and with recording technology.

    In the studio, combos fall under the responsibility of Dany Roy, who ensures proper technical functioning and assesses performances during recording sessions.

  3. Concert performances

    Throughout the program, students have the opportunity to perform on stage in recognized establishments like Dièse Onze and at music events like the JazzFest des jeunes du Québec, the Festival international de jazz de Montréal and MusicFest Canada.

Teachers • Jazz combos

Frédéric Alarie
Luc Beaugrand
Michel Donato
Michael Gauthier
Vincent Morel
Dany Roy
Simon Stone

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