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Ensemble de guitares jazz (Jazz Guitar Ensemble)

Under the direction of Reno De Stefano

The Ensemble de guitares jazz consists of five guitars, electric bass or double bass and drums, under the direction of guitarist Reno De Stefano, professor at the Université de Montréal Faculty of Music.

The goal of this formation is to help students develop and improve:

  • Sight reading
  • Jazz improvisation
  • Ensemble cohesiveness
  • Articulation and phrasing
  • Accompaniment (“comping”)
  • An ear attuned specifically to jazz guitar section playing 

The ensemble’s repertoire explores standards, swing, blues, rock, and Latin, contemporary and avant-garde pieces. Students have the opportunity to perform compositions and professional arrangements designed specifically for this lineup of players by artists such as Chris Buzelli, Al Baculis, Jack Peterson, Nick Fryer, Kevin Brunkhorst and Adam Bartczak.

Resource person

Reno De Stefano, music director