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Frequently Asked Questions

Following application

I’m newly admitted, and I’m worried that I might not be ready for the start of the school year.

Consult the checklist available in French and English to validate everything you need to do between now and when the school term starts, in the fall or in the winter!

You can also consult the international student checklist!

What is the journée d'accueil (open house)?

The open house, or the start-of-school event, is the opportunity to meet the academic team as well as your supervisor, who will introduce you to the program as a whole: its goals, its structure, the curriculum, the academic regulations, the members of the team and their roles.

This is an important day with regard to getting ready for the school term, whether you’re newly admitted or in the last year of your program. More information in this section of our student space.

Have any other questions about your admission to UdeM?

Consult the tools of the UdeM website in this regard:

UNIP, the student center and UdeM email

Is there a student portal?

Yes, regularly consult your Mon UdeM portal so as not to miss out on any information! More info in the our student space section.

How do I go about consulting my student center?

You have access through your Mon UdeM portal. However, in case of difficulties, consult this help information. More info in the our student space section.

How do I activate my institutional email?

Every student enrolled at Université de Montréal is assigned an institutional email address. It is important to use it, since university services, faculties, professors and lecturers prefer this method of communicating with you. For this email address to work, activate it in the Mon UdeM portal under the My profile tab.

More information in the our student space section.

I’ve lost my UNIP code.

You just have to go on the “Authentication” page of your student portal and you will be able to obtain a new UNIP; alternately you can go on the information technologies site.

Is there an emergency procedure at Université de Montréal?

Consult the tools of the UdeM website in this regard:

Enrolment in courses, equivalencies and progression

What courses should I take in the 1st year of my program?

Find your standard progression to get an overall picture of your program structure.

How do I enroll in courses?

For the 1st cycle: watch this video to understand how registration takes place.

At the graduate level: check your emails from your TGDE to receive the course-specific procedure. More information in our student area section.

I want to participate in an orchestra, a choir or an ensemble.

Auditions for these classes take place at the beginning of the new school term (late August / early September). All the information is here.

How do I have studies done outside Québec recognized?

Please consult the our student space section in this regard.

Where do I find the deadline for discontinuing a course?

The prescribed deadlines are indicated in the course schedule  and also in our faculty academic calendar.

Student life, financial assistance and tuition

How much will my semester cost?

Use the fees and tuition calculator depending on your status.

I would like to get financial assistance (grants, loans, etc.).

Visit the page specific to this subject: a number of financial-support and excellence grants are offered at the Faculty of Music and at Université de Montréal.

Is there a student association at the Faculty of Music?

I’d like to rent a locker at the Faculty of Music.

For more information, call 514 343-7634, or visit the Web page in this regard.

Graduation and graduating students

I need an official attestation from the university. Whom should I ask for it?

For your unofficial transcripts, you can consult them and download them at any time in your student center. Please consult this page for more information.

To order an official document (attestation, transcript, etc.), you must do so via the registrar’s office directly from this page. Please note that there may be costs and deadlines depending on the document provided.

Also please note that the Faculty of Music does not issue any attestation or official documents.

How do I take part in the convocation?

For more information, consult the convocation site, in particular its frequently asked questions.

When is the official diploma (certificate) received?

The official diploma is sent out around six to eight months after the end of courses. No particular steps need to be taken. For further information, consult this registrar’s office page.